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1974: BALL® The Jeans was founded by Aldo Ciavatta, in the city Rimini, Italy

In 1974 Aldo Ciavatta has been producing, designing and researching jeans for several jears and has now build up a career and a high respected name at the Italien Jeans market. With his well-known and respected reputation, he now chooses to become self-employed and create something big, based on his years of experience, learnings and huge network in the retail market. Beside beeing a skilled and well known player at the jeans market, Aldo Ciavatta is also know as being a very skilled, creative, inovative and successful businessman, and that combination makes it possible for Aldo to create history and bring BALL to life.. 

Aldo  desides to go in a new and inovative direction with a more loose fit and more creative colours and details than seen before. Aldo was very fascinated by the US college universe, and all his designs were based and inspired by the Amerian style. In the first years the inspiration came from the American college style and branches of sports as Polo, cricket and baseball. And in the first years, the collections were consisting Jeans, Poloshirts, Shirts and T-shirts. 

BALL® The Jeans quickly becomes a big success in Italy and the success is growing rapidly and spread to the rest of Europe within few years. 

First step is that Henri Fetter makes sure the company also becomes a success in the Benelux countries and the rest of the world.

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